Chris Floyd


I’m, a native of California who lives in Roseville, I’m a self-taught professional photographer. I was a bored in school most of my early years until photography was introduced while in middle school. My vision of photography has changed over the past 30 years as I tried to find my own voice.

Taking photographs for so long I understand what art is.  It’s a reflection. I understand what’s required to make an outstanding photograph. It’s vulnerability and the story it tells.

I love photographing people either with a concept in mind or simply documenting them in their own environment. I try to capture real moments not fake smiles or forced poses. I was enamored by Photoshop for many years and have come to realize it should be treated like a darkroom and placed in the right hands. Over retouched images are a thing of the past. My goal today is to create work that is honest and timeless.