Thank you Max Joseph

Thank you, Max Joseph

There is always that one person that breaks the mold. That person that not everyone always gets right away, but you just happen to like them anyway. They are unique, different and sometimes, straight up weird! Yet there is something about their goofy, honest nature, that most people just can’t get enough of. They are charming, funny and often have the biggest and most sensitive heart in the room. They always think of others before themselves. As a matter of fact, sometimes they are perceived as being too sensitive and too “nice” because of this. But everyone that really knows this person just knows that this is not the case at all. This person often will go above and beyond the call of duty, just to get that perfect idea across, if it doesn’t affect others in a negative way. They are kind-hearted, jovial, and downright hysterical at times! Their laugh is contagious and fills the entire room. When they laugh, everyone else laughs with them. And it’s one hundred percent genuine. This person is a winner, not necessarily because they have perfect teeth, gleaming eyes or a fantastic physique. They are a winner because of the soul that they carry with them. Their soul is the most beautiful thing about them, which is why they exude a kind, light-hearted spirit wherever they go. If you haven’t figured this out just yet, Max Joseph, the person I am describing here, is you! I know you probably get emails all the time, from people like me, but I wanted to let you know that I really respect you for all the work you do, your creativity, and your genuine, honest nature. I just finished viewing your “From Dream to Reality,” video and it has inspired me greatly.

Like all the work that you do, this was an inspiring video that perfectly depicts a very important lesson in life’s many trials and tribulations. When faced with a problem that we can’t necessarily change, we must deal with it head-on, learn how to embrace and adapt to it, and then move forward by making it work. We also sometimes will experience road blocks along the way of life, even when we are doing all the right things. (I can imagine that setting up all those images for 19 straight days with the help of 30 people would surely have been both exhausting and expensive!) It is during this trial and error process that we must regroup, think it through, and often we will come up with a much better idea than when we first began, after we do this. This is an essential lesson in life, as we all experience personal issues from time to time, where things can seem bleak and sometimes insurmountable. Instead of learning from their mistakes, many people resort to unhealthy habits to escape their present reality. This can include anything from alcohol abuse, drug abuse, terrible relationship patterns, and worse, some people even commit suicide. I greatly admire you, Max Joseph, in that you were able to creatively show that there is an alternative, healthier way to combat one’s personal problems. Of course, what viewers like me get to see is not even close to half of the actual work that goes into making a video like this one.

The sound effects, hiring of staff, coming up with the creative concept, designing it to perfection, editing and re-editing the videos takes up significant amounts of time, energy and resources from all involved. It is no wonder that, so many aspiring film makers end up quitting before they can fully pursue their careers. It takes a very special person to deal with all of the pieces that have to come together to produce such a creative concept and you and your team always seem to do it so seamlessly. It is not hard for people like myself to see that you are probably very fun to work with, as you come across as very genuine, honest and caring person in all your vlogs.

In one of your other documentary vlogs called “Dicks: Do you need to be one to be a successful leader,” you completely won me over! I personally, can relate to your character and feel the exact same way in many aspects of my own life. Unfortunately, our country tends to cater to the more domineering, aggressive male stereotype of leadership, especially in certain industries. I would think that film production would be similar to this, although at the same time the beauty of the creative industry is that it caters to all types, like yourself. Though I am certainly not a boy, I could only imagine how ridiculously damaging and frustrating it must have been for you to have accusations from supposed fans insinuating that you were gay. In my very humble opinion, a heterosexual male that is in tune with his caring and sensitive “feminine side,” should never feel the need to apologize for being who he is, nor should he be stereotyped or grouped into a certain category of people based upon another person’s view of him. As a matter of fact, I would much prefer a man that is capable of this to one who is all braun with no regard to a woman’s feelings, capabilities or outlook. It is no wonder your beautiful wife, Priscila, couldn’t resist you! You truly seem to be a diamond in the rough, and it is sad that we live in such a world that would judge you as not being the handsome, caring heterosexual man that you are, just because you aren’t “rough,” or “tough.”

It is people like you, who inspire people like me to see that true love does exist, and the stereotyped image of a man and woman working from 9-5PM is not the only way to coexist in a successful and loving marriage. Especially in a place as materialistic as Hollywood, you both make it awesome in that you can freely express your love for one another while at the same time not get distracted or deterred by all of the other beautiful individuals that you work with. (It also is quite inspiring to see that you have made it past the one year, mark as well, as I hear for Hollywood, that is quite the feat!) You both make a great team in interviews and in your videos. I think this is awesome that you both can coexist successfully in the workplace as well.

Thank you,Max Joseph, for inspiring me and countless other Americans, as we get to watch you both interact every day while also giving us a much-needed comedic break every now and then.Also, for taking the time to create the “From Dream to Reality,” video has inspired me and countless others to really push the envelope and create a unique and beautiful story line.  Also, thank you for not giving up while creating it, the end result was awesome!

I want to wish you and Priscila the most happy of holidays. Speaking of holidays, I am sincerely hoping to pick your brain after they pass this year in hopes of possibly collaborating further in the future. You both are great, thank you again. 🙂